Companies have the commitment and responsibility to ensure consumers and users health and safety. By law, swimming pools, spa water and Legionellosis in cooling systems must be under control. An evaluation of the quality of water intended for human consumption is also required. To ensure consumers safety the food industry must comply the current legislation concerning Food Hygiene and Safety.

  • Surface, environment and manipulators analysis
  • Food Hygiene Test
  • Consumer Water
  • Legionellosis control
  • Swimming Pools and Spas

In order to know how to interpret each different analysis report download our list of services There are some examples below:

  • Physical-Chemical: pH, Conductivity, Ammonium, Nitrates, Heavy Metals, B.O.D and C.O.D., Oils and fats, etc.
  • Microbiological: Total Aerobes, Total and Fecal Coliforms, E. Coli, Legionella, etc.