INNOAGRAL has developed a new product concept based on proprietary technology: Different applications of a specific micro-organism in orange juice fermentation processes. Using this technology the company has a rich pipeline of products.

  • SPERIENS: The first low-alcohol drink made from controlled fermentation of orange juice. A study of the international beverage market and consumer trends identifies a market niche on which the company has developed the concept of Speriens, the drink of the 21st century (
  • NON-ALCOHOL VARIETY: First non-alcoholic drink (0.9% v / v) from the controlled fermentation of orange juice with a unique flavor. Perfect to consume on its own or in cocktail. Good combination with gin or vodka.
  • HEALTHY VARIETY: In addition, the non-alcoholic version the healthy variety has potential benefits for health, due to its antioxidant capacity (20% higher than orange juice) and its melatonin content (5 times higher than orange juice). That is why the company considers the possibility of a healthy or functional variety. The company is currently in the final phase of validation, human trials.
  • ENERGY VARIETY: the development of an energetic variety is also planned. By adding natural energizing compounds the company is creating a new concept of a natural energy drink (alcoholic or nonalcoholic).
  • OREGAR (ORANGE VINEGAR):  As vinegar is made from wine acetic fermentation, the company plans to develop acetic fermentations on alcoholic orange juice in order to obtain a new line of products: Sweet, bitter and ecological orange vinegar.
Other products
  • KEFIRANGE: Development of new products (dairy foods) based on byproducts and milk residues from stable consortia of kefir grains fermentation.